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Judy is a sexual health resource app designed with LGBTQQIP2SA people in mind. They use a question-and-answer style user experience to answer difficult questions in a safe, no-judgment environment. Judy is completely anonymous and requires no onboarding to use the app, this way, there are fewer chances for privacy concerns. Additionally, if Judy does not have an answer to the question you are looking for, you can anonymously submit new questions that can be added to Judy’s database to help future users. Judy is modeled after the relationship between a young queer/questioning person and a seasoned queer elder, providing up-to-date information on topics from sex and gender, to STIs and relationships. No question is off-limits.

Judy Wordmark
The Colour Pallet, font choices and graphic elements for the Judy Brand
Screens from the mock app Judy
A site map explaining how to navigate the Judy app
MeetJudy.ca, A mock site to advertise the queer health app

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